Update 11/2/2020: Settlement checks began mailing on 10/30/2020.  Please be patient and allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.  

Letter from the Special Master

You may have received a letter because you retained a law firm as counsel and filed a lawsuit against Chevron regarding the August 6, 2012 fire at Chevron’s Richmond refinery. Several thousand lawsuits were filed, and all have been consolidated into one coordinated action. The representing attorneys obtained an agreement with Chevron for a coordinated settlement of all claims. The presiding judge has appointed me as Special Master to oversee the approved settlement process. 


To participate in the settlement and receive a payment, you must sign a Settlement Release Agreement form online at this website. When you access the form, you will be prompted to enter your PIN number and date of birth. When finished, you will be given a confirmation and will then be considered a participating plaintiff.

Once all releases are signed, I will make award determinations based on the facts, expert reports, and the law.  If you think you have been injured in some way that is different from the rest, you should contact your lawyer to discuss the process for providing additional information for consideration. 


If you have basic questions about the settlement process, view the Frequently Asked Questions or call 833-239-8635. For legal questions, contact your attorney.


I have spoken to the representing lawyers and they believe that this is the best possible outcome for the plaintiffs in this case. The settlement framework allows you to receive some amount of compensation. Your attorney strongly advises you to participate in this settlement.    


Each plaintiff does have the right to elect not to participate in the settlement and resume their claim in court. The deadline to notify your attorney that you do not want to be included is November 15, 2019. If your attorney does not file a pleading indicating that you do not wish to participate in the settlement, then you will continue to be included whether or not you sign the Settlement Release Agreement form.

Daniel J. Balhoff
Special Master